Theology, simply put is ‘what we know about God’. It is a compound word derived from the Greek; Theos: God, and Logos: word, or knowledge. All Christians are Theologians in some sense or another. How can this be, well if you claim to be a Christian, you must have beliefs about God, right? This has implications that stretch beyond mere belief itself. What you beleive about God effects how you view reality, the world around you, and even has implications on your day to day actions.

Now, Graeme Goldsworthy makes an excellent point in his book ‘According to Plan’ that all Christians are theologians, “but some are more able theologians than others”. (29) I have often thought, what is a better test of ones ‘able-ness’, their words or their actions? This is somewhat of a trick question, I do not think beliefs and actions can be separated.

I think Bonhoeffer sums it up nicely, “only he who believes is obedient, and only he who is obedient believes”. (63)

Dr. Daniel Akin has written a wonderful article on this matter.

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