The term blog was introduced in the late 1990’s, when the Internet was just on the rise. A somewhat ‘recent’ study by the Pew & Internet Project found that the number of blogs and blog readers has continued to climb. This becomes more apparent when you consider how wireless Internet continues to become more easily accessible.

Why am I blogging? Well, I was thinking about it…I write all the time. Must of us do, we spend all day sending and reading emails, researching information, keeping up with the news, and so on. Why not have a place to archive all this information? Why not have a place to record thoughts and resources? Basically, this blog has two purposes, 1. a virtual storage unit for thoughts and helpful information, and 2. A venue for me to become more disciplined in writing and expression.

It really is interesting to consider how most of us use our valuable time. I hope this blog adds to promoting thoughtful reflection on the world around us.

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