An author by the name of William Young has recently published a book titled “The Shack”, which has become very popular. Although it is fiction, there is a theology developed within the story. A theology that is quite problematic. In fact, one advertisement reads ‘God as you have never seen him before!” This should provide the first clue that something may be a bit off. For someone to come up with a ‘new’ way to see God, well…I am a bit skeptical off the bat.

Tim Challies offers a very good book review, as he often does.

One thought on “The Shack…

  1. I have read the shack. The book gives a visual of God. In my view any visual or thing of substance that we look toward as God can become an idol. Our relationship with him is based on what we cannot see–our faith is essential, that is what pleases God. Also Jesus does not come to any beliver thru any means other than the cross and him crucified. The book is interesting, but one must be grounded in the word not to get story confused with the truth.

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