As Christians we hold that there is one true God. We also confess that He has made Himself known to all of creation, and made Himself known most fully in the life and work of His only son Jesus Christ. This is the essence of the Gospel. The Gospel is more than enough to keep us in astonishment over the loving kindness and mercy of God.

But, I fear that many times, more often than not, the Gospel has become commonplace for many Christians. We all have that tendency, once we become acquainted with something great, no matter what it is (the grand canyon, the beauty of the ocean, the sound of great music, and even the Gospel), it becomes mere commonplace.

While we were in Antigua recently Laura and I were talking to one of our tour guides and I made a comment along the lines of “your beaches are breathtaking”. He paused and agreed, but then he continued and said there are many natives who take it for granted, in fact, he had friends that had not visited their beaches in over 10 years.

Its good to remind ourselves of God’s grace. It’s also good to let others remind us. The video below does this.

The narrator is R.C. Sproul, David Crowder and Shane & Shane sing “To the Only God” in the background.

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