So often we tend to dwell within our religious bubbles and forget that ‘other people’ exist. We forget that they do not understand Christianity, our language, the reasons why we do the things we do. Often times this is not our fault as a Christian (personally) but it is our fault (universally speaking) as the church. I am not talking about any local church in particular, but the church as a whole.

Many people turn from Christianity because of Christians who are not representing Christ as they should. This leaves those outside the church walls hurt, or confused. While thinking about this I remembered something that Donald Miller said at a catalyst conference a few years back. He offered ‘Thirteen Paradigm Shifts’ as a reflection for Christian ministry.

I was challenged, and encourgaged as I read over these again. I was able to take away a few helpul considerations. I hope you do too.

Donald Miller: “Thirteen Paradigm Shifts for Doing Christian Ministry in a Pagan Environment”

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