I often hear Christian’s throwing around the idea of ‘going to seminary’. I would say, ‘if you are being called into the ministry go to seminary, you need the training’.

I would also suggest that you read Dr. Daniel Akin’s “Reasons for Theological Training“, or Dr. John Frame’s “On Seminary“, or this excellent post by Justin Taylor titled “Thinking about Seminary?”

Beyond that, I have found that many theological schools are now offering online training, you can click the following links to download MP3’s of seminary level classes;

Covenant Seminary

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary

This last link is a combination of teachings from various seminary professors,

Biblical Training

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries

These links are great for getting the ‘feel’ of what seminary traning is like. Even if you are not thinking about seminary, these lectures are great for long morning walks.

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