One of my best friends, Ronny Richard has an ugent prayer request and is asking for support for his two year old cousin Ronald Holder Jr. Here is the story,

“My 2 year old cousin, Ronald Holder Jr. was just diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. It is so bad that if he doesn’t have surgery he will die soon. The curvature of his spine is causing one of his rib cages to apply pressure on his lung which will eventually suffocate him.

The surgery cost over 200,000 dollars but The Shriners Hospital is going to take care of the expenses. However, the MRI’s that he need’s will cost $10,000 dollars and we must come up with half of that ($5,000) before they will even proceed. We already have $3,000 of that so all we need is $2,000. Friends, anything you can do can help. Every little bit counts and if you can only give 5 or 10 dollars, it still adds up! Please let this little boy enjoy the full life he deserves. This is a very successful procedure and time is of the essence.”

Here is a link to the web site where you can find information on providing financial support for this family. If you are not in a position to give, pray that God would provide the means. This little boy deserves a chance to live life to the fullest.

This is a wonderful opportunity to minister to a family and exhibit the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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