A few scholars from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary have been posting articles on a blog titled, “Between the Times”. On of the series featured on this blog site is called “A Theologically-Driven Missiology”. Below I have posted a description of the posts, and some of the topics that have been written on.

“A Theologically-Driven Missiology is a series of articles by Bruce Ashford. The series explores the relationship between doctrine and practice in general, and between theology and missiology in particular. It argues that sound theology should provide the starting point, trajectory, and parameters for missiological practice. It seeks a “theologically-driven” missiology both for the United States and international contexts.”

Here are some of the topics: Revelation, The Triune God, Christ, Spirit, Man, Salvation, Bible Exposition, Church and Missiological Issues, The End Times, The Nations, and The United States.

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