Friends in the church often ask me (as a seminary student) where to find resources on the Christian faith.

Maybe I am a nerd…well, my wife tells me I am a nerd quite often. But I wanted to share a few helpful Christian resources I have found on the Internet. This was one of the main purposes I had in starting this blog: ‘To provide helpful resources’ to Christian’s in order to promote growth in the faith. While in seminary you not only learn, but learn where to find helpful learning material.

In recommending resources I am somewhat hesitant, I understand that on some matters of the faith the writers below will disagree. So I ask that you use these with balance. Understanding that ‘while these resources will agree on the essentials of Orthodoxy’, there may be some secondary issues where there is difference. The following is a list of resources (on different types of web pages) that I have found helpful in ministry.

1. Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has a page of categorized paper’s delivered at the Evangelical Theological Society. (Click Here)

2. Capitol Hill Baptist Church has a page of categorized ‘Core Seminar’ class notes. The Core Seminar’s offered at CHBC are designed to help their members explore the overarching truths of our God in theology, ministry, and history. See categories on right side of page. (Click Here)

3. Desiring God Ministry has a page titled ‘Resource Library’. It truly is a library of sermons, articles, and online books from the ministry of John Piper. (Click Here)

4. Dr. Daniel Akin, the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has categorized some helpful studies on his web page. (Click Here)

5. Thomas Schreiner has posted articles on various Theological issues on his faculty page at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Click Here)

6. Monergism.Com is an Internet library with the goal of “making available the finest classic articles and resources of historical orthodoxy”. (Click Here)

Lastly, I often visit Dr. Al Mohler’s page when searching for resources. I have also found Justin Taylor’s blog ‘Between Two Worlds’ helpful when searching for topics.

These are some starting grounds, to illustrate that good resources can be found on various web pages. Now, a word of caution. The Internet has no accountability; anyone can publish anything and claim the title ‘Christian’ resource. So it is important to know the source of the resources (Are they orthodox, credible, and reliable?)

Also, many respectable seminaries have offered recorded classes in MP3 format. (Click Here)

If you have questions on ‘what books are recommended when doing Biblical studies’ Click Here!

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