One of my church members recently emailed me and asked if I could recommend a few additional resources on the book of Revelation. Right now several of our Life Groups are studying the book of Revelation using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible curriculum.

Revelation is a complicated book, however it is not impossible to understand. Even though conservative evangelical Bible scholars differ on certain passages in this great book, there is great wisdom in examining these different perspectives. Here is a list of resources that teachers and small group leaders can benefit from using.


  • The Message of Revelation – This commentary by Michael Wilcock is a good teaching and devotional commentary from a series that I have often found helpful.
  • Triumph of the Lamb – This is an easily accessible commentary on the the text of the book written by Dennis Johnson.
  • Revelation – This is a shorter commentary from G.K. Beale, one of the most trusted NT scholars today.
  • Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Church – This is a collection of sermons written in a commentary form by Jim Hamilton.

Study Bibles



  • The Gospel Coalition has built one of the best resource libraries available online. You can search articles, sermons, courses, and lectures through the left side navigation.
  • Desiring God has a wonderful resource library from the sermons and teachings of John Piper and others.
  • Daniel Akin has a large selection of sermons available on the book of Revelation.
  • Vern Poythress has made his book on Revelation available for free online.
  • G.K. Beale delivered a series of teachings on Revelation at the Clarus Conference in 2007.
  • David Platt has an entire sermon series on Revelation available at Radical.

I hope you find these helpful. May God increase your hope and longing for Christ’s return, and for the new heaven and earth where we will dwell for eternity.

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