Clever Church Sign Leads to Conversion


Note: This story was originally published at Fox, I felt led to share it here.

Last Sunday, Hugh pulled his conversion van into a gas station on HWY 235 to use the free WiFi at the gas station. “I was searching for something meaningful, a message, a sign.” However, all Hugh found in his inbox was junk. Not too long after that, his iPad died. Downtrodden and flustered, Hugh tossed his iPad into the back seat.

It was then that he looked across the highway and noticed the Church of Christ sign.

Hugh, an avid fan of Apple products since the Lisa, realized the sign was written just for him:

iPhone? iPad?

Try iPray.

God is listening.

Hugh unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the car, talking to himself about the sign. “I was overcome with emotion, the church sign really tugged on my heart strings.”

At that moment Don Shardy, the chairman of the deacons from Christ Church walked out of the gas station with two dozen doughnuts and heard Hugh’s mumbling. “When Don asked me if he could help me,” said Hugh, “I realized it was time to let go and let God.”

A few minutes later Hugh and Don walked into Christ Church together, where Hugh asked the congregation if anyone had an iPad charger. Once his iPad was charging, Hugh shared the story of how the church sign led him to Christ in front of the entire congregation.

As deacon Don reflected on that event he noted that “if Eleanor had not eaten most of the doughnuts I would not have drove over to the gas station, if I had not gone over to the gas station, I would not have met Hugh.”

Philip Nation, the captain of the church’s evangelism sign team, was in tears when he proclaimed, “I am just so excited to see fruit from the tiring labor of finding thoughtful and clever sayings to display on the church grid and lock sign system.”

Philip and Hugh stood speechless for several minutes until Hugh looked at Philip and said with a tender voice, “…thank you for giving to the Lord. It’s becuase of your faithfulness that I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes…I saw the sign.”