On Sunday June 22, our church took a great step of faith in voting to move forward with starting a second campus in Davie County. The motion, brought from our deacons passed with over a 99% approval in the congregation wide vote! This vote comes in the wake of countless hours of prayer, seeking the will of God, and planning.

One of our pastors, Will Toburen wrote that his “prayer is that we will look back at this defining moment years from now and rejoice over the countless lives that have been changed because of the willingness of our church to take a step of faith in order that the Gospel might go forward. It is such a great privilege serving at a church where the people long to honor God and are passionate about the bringing the “Good News” to the world.”

I am personally excited about what God is going to do as Calvary seeks to be obedient in fulfilling the Great Commission. Calvary has been blessed with staff and members who are willing to dedicate their time, energy, and resources in cooperation to spread the Gospel.  When you look at the strategic placement of Calvary West it becomes quite apparent that there is tremendous potential for reaching Davie County with the Gospel. Looking at population and demographics alone one sees that over a ten year period this area has grown 25%, Davie county is also projected to have close to 50,000 living in this area by the year 2020.

For more information on the history of this decision you can click here and find the resources that have been passed out church wide over the past year. At any rate, join us in rejoicing and prayer as we move forward in being good stewards of the Gospel.

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