Before seminary I often found myself wanting to study a certain book of the Bible, or an issue of theology and not knowing where to look for reliable resources. There are thousands of books out there on Christian thought, and it is often overwhelming when it comes time to choose.

Over the past few years I have bookmarked a few places where you can find references from reliable sources. Here are a few, if I come accross any others in the future I will update this page.

I was talking with Derek Radney about recommending theological books to others and he made a good point, sometimes it can be hard for others to pick up on the theological slant that a writer may be coming from. While in seminary I have learned about different positions, slants, and writers who hold those views. So, while each of these references may hold different views concerning particular aspects of theology, none of which jeopardize orthodoxy, I recommend the following.

a. Dr. Daniel Akin: “Building a Theological Library”.

b. Desiring God: References concerning Bible Commentaries.

c. Denver Seminary: An Annotated Bibliography of the Old Testament and New Testament.

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