Have you ever considered the importance of how you use your time? I think we should set a high value on time, and be exceedingly careful that it be not lost. In this post I will exhort you to exercise wisdom in what you do with your time, because it appears that time is exceedingly precious. I was reading Jonathan Edwards on this subject, and here are some notes and thoughts as I reflected on what he said;

  1. If things are precious in proportion to their importance, then our time here on earth is precious because our eternal welfare depends on how we have used it.
  2. Time is precious because we are given one life. The scarcity of any commodity occasions men to set a higher value on it, especially if it is necessary and they cannot do without it.
  3. Time is precious because we are uncertain of its continuance. We know it’s short, but not how short. What would you do if you had a few months to live, a few days rather?
  4. Time is precious, because when it is past, it cannot be recovered. There are many things which we can possess, that if we part with it, we can regain, it is not so with time.
  5. There is no other space with which we can prepare for eternity. Therefore, time is a gift, used for the preparation of eternity.

How do you use your time? I think we can conclude with a few things;

  1. Time is precious.
  2. Time is short and uncertain.
  3. Time is irrecoverable.

I believe that we all will be held accountable to God for the use of our time, so be diligent and intentional in how you use it.

  1. Improve the present time without delay.
  2. Be especially careful to improve those parts of time which are most precious.
  3. Improve your leisure time.

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