I recently received the newest issue of Collide Magazine (self-plug: In which I have an article), and read a blurb about Cisco/Musion’s new ‘TelePresence Experience’ On-Stage technology. I remember joking with someone once about this, “we are so obsessed with teaching personalities, I can imagine a day when we will have their hologram transported to any venue”. Well, it’s now a reality;

“The launch of Cisco’s On-Stage TelePresence Experience, created by integrating Musion 3D Holographic Projection technology with Cisco TelePresence.”

“Three-dimensional holographic conferencing will first be used at large expositions and conferences, and would later trickle down to enterprises. Over time, it might even be used at home. Your grandmother could virtually walk into a living room and talk to you – her image travelling over seas and countries over the Internet. A teacher could face 50 students and give a lecture complete with expressions and body language. The possibilities of this decidedly realistic application are numerous.”

Click Here to see the demonstration!

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