The President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Daniel Akin has released a new book titled “Five Who Changed the World”. Here is the thrust of the book;

“Five Who Changed the World is a compelling book by Daniel Akin that walks believers through five key texts of Scripture, illustrating the truths contained therein by sharing the biographies of five missionaries who changed the world through their dedication to the Great Commission. You will meet and learn from the lives of William Carey, Adoniram Judson, Lottie Moon, Bill Wallace, and Jim Elliot.”

Dr. Akin is one of the great Christian leaders of our day. He has the rare combination of brilliant scholar and servant leader. I am excited to see how Dr. Akin combines solid Biblical exposition with moving testimony from some of the most influential missionaries of modern history.

This book is only $5.00 (Hardback).

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