Thoughts on Expository Preaching: Alistair Begg

August 19, 2008 at 7:44 pm Leave a comment

I just finished reading “Preaching for God’s Glory” (a short book) written by Alistair Begg, who serves as the senior pastor at Parkside Church. I think Begg offers some good thoughts on preaching (Also of note, he has an awesome Scottish accent).

Begg argues that preaching should be ‘bible-based, Christ-focused, and life-changing’. In explaining what expository preaching is Begg begins with “biblical preaching allows the Scriptures to establish the agenda”, not the people, not the desire for popularity, not certain political agendas.

In fact, Begg’s definition of expository preaching is “unfolding the text of Scripture in a way that makes contact with the listeners’ world while exalting Christ and confronting then with the need for action”. (23) Simply put, “take a passage from the Bible and explain what it means”. (27)

In the chapter titled “The Nature of Expository Preaching” Begg further explains expository preaching with these key principles,

1. Expository preaching always begins with the text of Scripture, and lets the text set the agenda.

2. Expository preaching seeks to fuse the horizons of biblical text and the contemporary world. Which means explaining the meaning of text and establishing the implications of that truth.

3. Expository preaching encourages the listener to understand why the ancient biblical text is relevant to a contemporary culture.

I would recommend this book to any minister who has a regular teaching ministry. It is short (48 pages) and too the point, but well said.

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