David Wells has offered the Christian community a wonderful, thought provoking critical analysis of Christianity and our society in his book- “Above All Earthly Pow’rs”. Below I wanted to share a block quote, a quote that I think sums up, and sums up well, postmodern man’s attempt at spirituality.

“The contrast between biblical faith and this contemporary spirituality is that between two entirely different ways of looking at life and God. Nygren, some years ago, used the Greek words for two different kinds of love, Eros and Agape, to characterize these worldviews. The movement of Eros spirituality is upward. Its essence its drive, is the sinner finding God. The movement Agape, by contrast, is downward. It is about God finding the sinner. Eros spirituality is the kind of spirituality is the kind of spirituality which arises from human nature and it builds on the presumption that it can forge its own salvation. Agape arises in God, was incarnate in Christ, and reaches us through the work of the Holy Spirit opening lives to receive the Gospel of Christ saving death.” (159)

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