One of the reasons I set up this blog was to direct people to resources, and I think this one can be very helpful. I was recently directed to ‘Discerning Reader’, I will let the site host speak to the purpose of this site;

“Discerning Reader is a site dedicated to promoting good books–books that bring honor to God. At the same time, we hope to help Christians avoid being unduly influenced by books and teachers that are not honoring to God.

We do not seek to be harsh or judgmental. Rather, we seek only to be discerning as we compare books to the written Word of God. We let the words of authors speak for themselves and simply hold the books up to the light of Scripture. In doing so, we are building a database of reviews which we feel cast a discerning light on the books that are found in Christians homes, churches and bookstores.

We invite you to browse around, to read the reviews, and to examine the features of this site. We think you will find it to be a blessing.”

Right now the site mainly consists of book reviews, but it looks slated for much more (summaries, church resources, and upcoming releases). Check it out!

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