Dr. Albert Mohler reviews Mitchell Silver‘s book “A Plausible God” today on his blog. Which is basically an “attempt to construct a concept of God that modern secular people will find plausible” (Self evident in the title). Mohler asks,

“What kind of god would be plausible in this postmodern age?  Taken by itself, that question represents the great divide between those who believe in the God of the Bible and those who see the need to reinvent a deity more acceptable to the modern mind.”

Read the article here.

Also of note; Dr. Mohler has three books being published this year. The first one, ‘Atheism Remix’ which has already been released, “explores the newest strain of atheism, its foremost thinkers, the cultural conditions that have bred it, and how Christians should respond.” Mohler also has two other books due out this year. “He is not Silent” where Mohler discusses preaching in a postmodern world, and “Desire and Deceit” about the “real cost of sexual tolerance”.

I agree with Piper when it comes to Mohler, “Albert Mohler is a steady guide, unremittingly clear-headed.”

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