One of Schaeffer’s classic works is “The God Who Is There”. In it Schaeffer looks forward through the lens of culture and defends historic Christianity against the modern religions which find roots in existentialism and the popular ‘anti-philosophy’ movements of the day. Though this book was first published in 1968 it would seem that Schaeffer was writing for our generation, I would recommend every Christian thinker become familiar with his work. I have only recently become aware of Schaeffer’s writing and have benefited greatly.

Here is one sample. At the end of a chapter in this book Schaeffer makes a great point about the Christian faith; this is very simple…but very profound. He is comparing the modern ‘inward faith movements’ (nihilism) to Christianity;

“In Christianity the value of faith depends upon the object towards which the faith is directed. So it looks outward to the God who is there, and the Christ who in history died upon the cross once for all, finished the work of atonement and on the third day rose again in space and time. This makes Christian faith open to discussion and verification.”

Of note: There will be a conference on Francis Schaeffer in November at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary titled, “A Mind and Heart for God”. Click here to find out more!

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