Something to think about…Ken Keathley wrote an interesting post today on ‘Between the Times’, which is a blog hosted by some faculty members of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Keathley argues against using language like ‘exclusivity of the Gospel’, in fact he writes…“I hate the label “exclusivist” when it is applied to the Gospel.”

Keathley continues;

“I propose that rather than using the term “exclusivity” we should be speaking of the “essentiality” of the Gospel.  The hearing of the Gospel is essential for morally responsible persons to be saved.  (I do not view the mentally handicapped or infants as morally responsible individuals.)  In order to be saved, one must place his faith in Jesus Christ.  But one cannot believe in whom he has not heard (Rom 10:14).  The Gospel is not exclusive; it is essential.  The Gospel keeps no one out, but it is the only possible way in.”

To read the whole thing, click here.

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