This past weekend First Baptist Church of Durham NC held a conference titled ‘The Politics of Jesus: Timeless Answers to Today’s Questions. Below is the purpose of the seminar;

“This seminar is designed for pastors, church leaders, government and public policy leaders, medical ethicists and physicians, business and entrepreneurial leaders, members of the legal community, university students and members of the social services community to listen and interact with key evangelical leaders from around the nation on matters of culture, government, and politics. Issues which will be directly addressed include marriage, political activity by the church, Islamic theology, and racism.”

Among the participants were Dr. David Nelson and Dr. Nathan Finn from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Owen Strachan of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School live-blogged the event. He has compiled his posts, including Strachan’s manuscript and Nelson’s notes, here. You may also listen to each message via podcast by going to the conference website.

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