I am grateful for Tim Brister and the opportunity to be a part of the Roots Reading Initiative this past November and December.  I am excited about round 2! The second installment [Jan/Feb 2012] of the Roots Reading Initiative starts this week! The theme for this installment is “The Outworking of the Gospel” with a focus of deepening our understand of and experience in the gospel of Jesus Christ, both individually and corporately. With each week’s reading schedule, a discussion guide is made available (on Thursdays usually) for personal application and/or discipling leaders in your own context. At the end of each month, we are compiling these discussion questions into a book-length study guide that you can download for future use. The study materials and reading schedule for this installment are:

Gospel: Recover the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary by J.D. Greear

  • January 1-7 (1-68)
  • January 8-14 (69-144)
  • January 15-21 (145-90)
  • January 22-28 (191-256)

Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson

  • January 29-February 4 (1-58)
  • February 5-11 (59-112)
  • February 12-18 (113-68)
  • February 19-25 (169-218)

To jump into the discussions, be sure to join the PLNTD Training Community on Cobblestone. Deepen your roots in 2012, and let it begin with the gospel!

One thought on “The Roots Reading Initiative from PLNTD, Round 2

  1. God bless you. I went to high school in Winston-Salem (Parkland Sr. High). Just finished at Asbury Theological Seminary this past Spring with an M.A. in Christian Ministries.

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