From Eden to teh New Jerusaem Picture“God created the earth with the specific intention that it should be his dwelling place. To bring his project to completion, God initially bestowed on humanity a holy and royal status. As they filled the earth, human beings were to extend God’s temple kingdom throughout the world. However, the successful completion of this divine project was tragically endangered when Adam and Eve, in an act of wilful arrogance, heeded the serpent rather than the divine Creator. Adam and Eve’s disobedience introduced major obstacles to the fulfillment of God’s plan for the earth. Rather than extending the temple of God throughout the earth through holy service, humanity defiled the world through their unrighteous behavior. Having been delegated authority to rule, they now use this authority inappropriately; unrestrained human dominion brings violence to the earth rather than peace.”

T. Desmond Alexander, From Eden To New Jerusalem, 98-99.

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