For many churches this coming Sunday has a specific focus on “the sanctity of human life.” Most will specifically relate their teachings to the issue of abortion.

Let me first acknowledge that the sanctity of life touches many other issues besides abortion, this is important because many people exclusively focus on abortion when speaking about this issue.

But, because of the nature of abortion it is also extremely important that we keep abortion at the forefront of this issue, since proper Christian doctrine proclaims that all human beings are created in the image of God.

We as Christians must defend the “right to life.” Here are some credible resources that might help Christian teachers thoroughly think through this issue and apply it to their learners lives.

Application is always important in teaching the Bible. It is also one of the hardest portions of a teaching to develop. So here are some helps;

Here is a link to John Piper’s sources on “Speaking Out Against Abortion.”

Bible Scholar D.A. Cason has written a pastoral article on “Practical Strategies for Addressing the Abortion Issue.”

Al Mohler is always a solid source on cultural issues, here are some articles on “Abortion.”

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