Below I have gathered some helpful links related to the Southern Baptist Convention. I found these to be helpful in summarizing the “big issues” that will be on the minds of the attendees of the National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky over the next few days.

1. Interview with David Dockery on the Identity and Future of the Southern Baptist Convention.

2. Don Dunavant on “GM and the SBC.”

3. Steven McKinion’s three part series on “Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention”: Part 1- “Distinctives” Part 2- “Implications” Part 3- “Misconceptions”

4. J.D. Greear on “The New, Young, Southern Baptist: Orthodox, Connected, Unconventional.”

5. Ed Stetzer on “The Southern Baptist Convention: A Denomination Continuing in its Decline” and “The End of the Beginning.”

6. The Great Commission Resurgence document.

7. Nathan Finn’s six part series on “The Great Commission Resurgence” document: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5Part 6.

Also, Finn on “A Commitment to a More Effective Convention Structure.”

8. Four part interview with Daniel Akin on “The Great Commission Resurgence”: A Vision for Missionary Theologians, Turning around the SBC, Great Commission Resurgence, SBC Calvinism and Evangelical Cooperation.

Also, I posted my “Hard Questions for the Southern Baptist Convention” a while back.

If you have any other links or suggestions send them to me and I will check them out!

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