We start a new semester of courses at Calvary West on Wednesday, January 9th. The Apostle Paul charged the leaders in the Ephesian church to “equip the saints for the work of ministry.” Our calling as leaders is to teach and train this local church for the work of the ministry. Wednesdays at West is not another program – but a theological and missional training ground.

According to the Bible the church is to be a learning-and teaching fellowship in which the passing on of the faith is central.Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is central to our ministry here at Calvary West. And Wednesdays at West is a set apart time designed to ground and grow you in the gospel and its implications for doctrine, devotion, duty, and delight.

Our goal for Wednesdays at West is to train and equip you for fruitful personal ministry in the context of the church body, in the community, and the world. Every class that we offer is intended for a specific purpose and taught by someone that we have chosen for their expertise, trustworthiness, and passion for that particular area of interest. Here are a list of the intentional courses offered for adults.

Pastor Will Toburen
Room 3207

Do you really understand the power of the gospel? Many people only see the gospel of Jesus Christ as the way one becomes a Christian. But the gospel is not just important for the beginning of the Christian life, it is important for all of the Christian life – you never get beyond the gospel. Join us as we study how the gospel of Jesus Christ relates to spiritual growth and everyday life.

Pastor Matt Capps
Room 3206

Would you like to have a good grasp on how different parts of the Bible fit together? Understanding the storyline of Scripture can be a daunting task. Let’s face it, the Bible consists of sixty-six books, in several genres, authored by forty people, over a 2,000 year period. But in John 5:39 Jesus proclaims that all Scripture is about Him! Join us as we explore stories, themes, and people in the Bible through the lens of Jesus Christ and learn how to navigate your way through God’s word.

Pastor Steve Hardy
Room 3209

Why does the church engage in missions across the street and across the world? Pastor John Piper once said that “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” And God wants worshipers from every tribe tongue and nation. In this course we will discuss the foundations, history, and strategies of missions. Why is this important? Jesus said “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations.” Come and hear what God is doing in the world and how you can join in on his mission.

Derrick Stiller and Todd Senter
Room 3208

Not every Christian is called to go to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine that every Christian must know. Our theology is important because it has massive implications on how we live in day to day life. We encourage you to join us as we study the great doctrines of the Christian faith with an aim to apply them to our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a relatively new believer or an old saint, join the discussion to sharpen your faith.

DVD Teacher: Dr. Timothy Lane and Dr. Paul Tripp
Discussion Leaders: Larry and Dr. Libby Wolosiewicz (Ph.D.)
Room 3304

How do Christ’s life, death, and resurrection bring lasting change in your life? Have you ever longed to experience the deep-down change that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings? During How People Change you will be given the tools to understand the basic principles of change according to God’s word.

Click here for a full brochure! 



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