One of the things I am looking forward to at the Southern Baptist Convention this year is the discussion panel on Christ-Centered Preaching and Teaching. I agree with Hankins that this is a deeply important discussion, and working out as precisely as possible the nature and practice of Christ-centered preaching is crucial for our churches.

If you are already planning on coming to the discussion panel let me encourage you to read some of these blog posts on Christ-centered hermeneutics. The discussion has already started…

Eric Hankins

Hankins argues that while Christ should always be exalted when preaching, authorial intent alone is the exegetical launch pad for any sermon.

Jon Akin (Responding to Hankins)

In part one Akin argues that Christ-centered interpretation was the method of Jesus and the Apostles.

In part two Akin argues that Christ-centered interpretation takes into account the dual authorship of the Bible and treats it as one book instead of a collection of 66 books.

In part three Akin argues that Christ-centered exposition bases the imperatives to live faithfully in the gospel indicatives of what Christ has already done for us.

Tony Merida

In this first post Tony explains the the “dilemma” of Christ-Centered expository preaching.

In the second post Tony explains the centrality of Christ in the Bible and in expository preaching.

In the third post of this series Tony explores practical application in Christ-centered expository preaching.

Matt Capps

In this post I explain my journey to appreciating Christ-centered hermeneutics, and the benefits of the method.

If you know of any more posts on Christ-centered hermeneutics please feel free to post links to them in the comment section. 

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