Teaching a Class on The Doctrine of Humanity

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Next week I will begin teaching a class on the doctrine of humanity with Philip Nation at The Fellowship, Two Rivers. The class will last 8 weeks and will roughly follow the outline of The Gospel Project’s Fall study titled “Bearing God’s Image”.

  • August 21st – Created to Reflect: Reflecting the Image of God
  • August 28th – Created to Relate: Relating to God, Others, and the WorldTGP
  • September 4th – Created to Work: Vocation and Labor
  • September 11th – Created to Rest: Resting from Work, Resting in Christ
  • September 18th – Created to Rule: Authority in Representing God
  • September 25th – Living in Redemption: Salvation and Sanctification
  • October 2nd – Learning to Trust: Perseverance and Assurance
  • October 9th – Longing for Restoration: Future Glorification

If you are in the Nashville area, come and join us!

It is an honor to serve on The Gospel Project team! I am excited to join over 400,000 other believers who will dig into this study over the next few months.

In my preparation for the class I have found several resources helpful, and wanted to share them here.

  1. John Hammett’s chapter on “The Doctrine of Humanity” in A Theology for the Church, edited by Daniel Akin. Hammett’s chapter is a great introductory work on this topic.
  2. Also, check out Anthony Hoekema’s book Created in God’s Image. Hoekema’s work is an excellent volume for someone who would like to dig a little deeper into the doctrine of humanity.
  3. Charles Sherlock’s book The Doctrine of Humanity in the Contours of Christian Theology series is also a great resource to have in your library. While Sherlock’s work the most dense of these three, its scope and depth is well worth its weight.

If you are teaching through The Gospel Project this fall, be sure to check out these resources which we have made available at The Gospel Project’s website.

Consider the words of one theologian, “…our wisdom, in so far as it ought to be deemed true and solid wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.” My prayer is that we would come to know God in this study, and come to know ourselves in the way God has created us and redeemed us to be.

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