This past week I have the privilege of participating in the The Bible Studies for LifeDisciple Thru” online event. The event consisted of several video teachings from pastors and church leaders. For a limited time, you can still watch the videos.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the event.

Eric Mason

  • In the Christian life, comprehensive discipleship is a core necessity. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • When you teach the core of the Christian faith, you cannot assume anything. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • Discipleship involves core training both theologically and practically. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We must preach the gospel robustly, but with accessibility and simplicity. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • Jesus in not an option in discipleship, He is the core of discipleship. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We are called to minister to people who are dealing with affliction, namely, the poor, the widows, the orphans. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • All things were made for Christ; therefore everything must be subdued and developed to help the needy. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We are called to disciple from the block to the boardroom. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We are called to preach the whole gospel to the whole person so that we can have whole people in the body of Christ. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We must develop principled pathways based on propositional truth to show how doctrine works out in every area of life. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We are called to made disciples who make disciples. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • God is unique and set apart, therefore God’s people are to be unique and set part as distinct in the world. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • As disciples we have been made holy by God, and yet we pursue holiness to reflect the image of God in this world. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • As God blesses you with resources, utilize those resources to bless those who God has placed in your path. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • How you treat others is just as much a discipleship issue as it is a sociological issue. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • Mission and discipleship are coupled in how we civically engage the sojourner among us. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • The truth of God’s word demands that we treat others with mercy and justice. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • We gather the people of God to disciple them and scatter them into the world to be disciple makers. @pastoremase #BSFL16
  • Discipleship should take place in our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. @pastoremase #BSFL16

Chris Brown

  • Isn’t it frustrating when people’s actions do not line up with what they verbally “amen” in our churches? @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • The gap between what people say and what they do comes down to a lack of margin. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Where there is no margin, there is no ministry. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Too many of our people are intentioned for ministry, but they are not positioned for ministry. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • We are called to disciple people, even in their finances. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Regardless of salary, 70% of Americans live paycheck to pay check. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • 18% of Americans live worse than paycheck to pay check. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • The reality is, 78% of American Christians live broke or worse. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Over 1/3 of American adults are in the debt collection process. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Church leaders, we are called to model biblical stewardship to our people. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • We are called to manage God’s resources, His way, for His glory. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • We need to understand the difference between the worlds way of handling money, and God’s way of handling money. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Church leaders, we are called to teach God’s way of handling money. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • The world handles money with entitlement. God’s people should handle money with gratitude and contentment. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • When it comes to our resources, we need to believe that ALL things belong to God. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • God owns all things. We are simply managers and stewards. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • As managers and stewards, we are called to be faithful with what God has given us. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • So many people in our churches are aiming at nothing, and hitting it every time. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Did you know that it is possible to give cheerfully! @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • Those who can be entrusted with little can be trusted with much. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • When it comes to stewardship, we have to tell people to, and teach them how. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • When our belief changes, it leads to a different set of actions, that lead to a different set of results. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16
  • As Christians, we don’t worship the provision, we worship the provider. @ChrisBrownOnAir #BSFL16

Matt Capps

  • No matter how many precautions we take, or how much we prepare, hardship comes to each and everyone of us. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Hardship is no respecter of persons. Are you prepared? @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • At any point in our lives, we are coming out of hardship, facing hardship, or preparing to enter into hardship. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • We have been sold the lie that if God really loves us, our life will be easy – full of health, wealth, and prosperity. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • The secular view of hardship is that it is meaningless, an interruption to the victorious Christian life. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Facing hardship is not a matter of if, but when. As the Apostle Peter wrote, “When you suffer.” @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • The sad reality is that many saints are ill prepared to face hardship. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • As Christians we have a deep and robust biblical grounding to persevere through whatever they may face in this life. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • We need to learn how to disciple one another to prepare for, and persevere through hardship. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Christians should not see hardship as meaningless, but meaningful. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Christians should not see hardships as being an interruption, but an opportunity. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • God can and will work all things for the good of those who are called according to his purpose. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • In hardship, we must be ok with no explanation, with the truth that “the secret things belong to the Lord our God.” @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Our initial prayer in hardship should be, “God, how can I use this hardship for your glory.” @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • The opportunity for Christians is to glorify God in the midst of – despite of – the hardships we face. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • The victorious Christian life is not free from hardship; our victory in Christ is shown in our perseverance through hardship. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • One of the most powerful apologetics for the Christian faith, is an unshakable trust in God’s providential hand. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Sure, our hardship will drive us to our knees. But it will drive us to our knees in prayer. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Sometimes it takes hardship to bring you to the place where we see that Jesus is all you need. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Every hardship we face in the Christian life will only enhance our eternal delight in the life to come. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • Christian, there is coming a day where mourning, crying, and pain will be no more. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • One day, we will look back and see that hardship showed us that God’s steadfast love is better than life. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • If you are ever facing hardship and you wonder if God loves you, look to the cross. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • If you are ever facing hardship and you wonder if God will deliver you through it, look to the resurrection. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • If you are ever facing hardship and you wonder if anything can stop the pain and darkness, look to the ascension. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • In the family of God we are able to care, and be cared for, to love and be loved, to encourage and be encouraged. @mattcapps #BSFL16
  • The people of God, filled with the Spirit of God, armed with the word of God, can accomplish the mission of God. @mattcapps #BSFL16

Jackie Bledsoe

  • In our culture the basic foundations of marriage are confusion to people. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • In our culture, marriage is often devalued or treated as a joke. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • If God is the author of marriage, how does our view of marriage reveal our view of God? @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Regardless of the state of marriage in our country, we can hope in Christ. There is no confusion in Christ. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Christians, we have the perfect opportunity to point people to Jesus through our marriages. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • We want hearts and minds pointed towards Jesus because of how we relate to one another in marriage. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • We are called to bring God honor and glory through our marriage relationships. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Today in our churches, marriage is vastly underserved. It is not easy to find marriage ministries. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Church leader, are you modeling what God wants to do through marriage in your own? @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • What good has God done in your marriage? How you share that good news with others? @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Married people, what couples in your church can you invest in and pour in to? @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Model your marriage. Teach on marriage. Equip them for marriage. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • Through healthy marriage, we can show people who God is and His love for us in Jesus. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16
  • We need to reclaim marriage according to God’s original intent. @jbledsoejr #BSFL16

Jeremiah Johnston

  • There are two errors for Christians when it comes to the paranormal: fascination and ignoring it. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Our culture is fascinated with the paranormal world. Leader, can you answer questions related to it? @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • There were both miracles and exorcisms in the ministry of Jesus. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • In the ministry of Christ, we see God invading the kingdom of Satan. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • In the New Testament, Jesus’s name was so powerful that even paranormal priests recognized him. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • The paranormal is attractive and is normal in our society. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • The more education one has, the more likely that person is to believe in the demonic and paranormal world. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • 71% of American’s believe they have had a paranormal experience. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Only 28% of our young people say they have believed anything at church to help them with the paranormal around them. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • As soon as you open the door to demonic activity it becomes really hard to shut it. It is a slippery slope. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • The false gospel of a paranormal world is that life has no meaning. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Fascination with the paranormal will bring you into bondage and greater confusion. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Did you know that there are more than 300 psychics that are ordained as “Christian” ministers? @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • The demonic world preys on hurting people. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Only Jesus Christ can set me free. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Only in Jesus Christ can we find the true purpose for our lives. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • There is power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • Unbelief fears Satan as a lion. Belief tramples Satan as a worm. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • We need the light of Jesus Christ to shine in the darkness of our world. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16
  • When it comes to the paranormal, lets recognize it and know how to respond to it. @JeremyJohnstonJ #BSFL16

Eric Geiger

  • How do you disciples someone through success? @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • Just as God uses trials and pain to sanctify us, He can also use success. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • Most of the people we lead are not going through deep pain, but seasons of success. How will you disciple them through it? @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • We need to remind each other that God is in control and gives authority and success. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • In seasons of success, we need to remind one another that it is a gift of God. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • If someone is experiencing success, it is only because God has chosen to bless them with success. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • The gospel tells us that all good things are because of God, not us. We do not bring anything to the table. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • The Christian faith is something we receive; it is not something we achieve. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • We need to remind one another that God is better than our seasons of success. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • God gives success. But God is better than success. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • God is more satisfying than the promotion. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • God is better than the great business deal. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • God is more liberating than anything this world offers. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • Success pales in comparison to the greatness of God. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • Sanctification through poverty: identity in the struggle. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • Sanctification through prosperity: identify in the gifts. @ericgeiger #BSFL16
  • We find our satisfaction not in the gifts of God, but in God himself. @ericgeiger #BSFL16

Jesse Campbell

  • When we minister to people through tragedy we must teach that God is ultimately sovereign. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • God always has purpose in tragedy. God can take it and write a story of healing and redemption. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • Tragedy often shows that our faith refined by fire may be proven genuine. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • We must call people to respond in tragedy like Job. Though God may slay me, I will hope in Him. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • Even when Satan attacks, our faith in God can remain in tact. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • Do we consider it pure joy when our faith is tested? @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • When we bring about our own tragedy, we must confess that it is against God alone that we have sinned. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • The central truth is that God redeems tragedy. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • God can work all things, even tragedy, for the good of His purpose. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • A moment in God’s presence will alleviate all the pain we have experienced in tragedy. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • God can build a beautiful testimony through our tragedies. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16
  • God can take anything in our lives and use it to prepare us to minister to others. @JesseCampbell5 #BSFL16

Tony Merida

  • Most of our favorite meal times are with others. This is a great ministry opportunity. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • The reason we long for meals with friends is that we were made for these. We are headed to Marriage Supper of the Lamb. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • All of history is moving to a time when Christians will dine with the King. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • One of the ways we can minister to people is to practice hospitality. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Practicing hospitality is not about being nice, its about putting on display the kingdom of God. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • The whole story of the Bible can be told through a meal. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • God provides in the garden, God provides for Abraham, God provides during the exodus, God provides in the Promised Land. God is the ultimate host. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Meals are central, this is why Jesus came eating and drinking. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • In the gospel of Luke, Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Jesus never started a school or a program, he just ate with people. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Ministry through hospitality is something every Christian can do. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • We can strategically use every meal to put Jesus’ revolutionary Kingdom on display. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • The act of hospitality puts on display the gospel that we believe. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • The proper response to grace is always grace. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • The more we internalize the gospel of grace, the more we should demonstrate it to others. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Jesus brought us in and has shown us grace, we should do the same for others. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Effective ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • How can we use our homes as a way to show mercy, communicate the gospel, and build community. @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Lives are often changed by asking simple questions like “would you like to come over and eat”? @tonymerida #BSFL16
  • Think of your home as a great means of ministry. @tonymerida #BSFL16

Jonathan Falwell

  • We need to recognize the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • The purpose of discipleship is to become more like Christ. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • Discipleship requires us to take deliberate steps. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • In the midst of life changing moments we need to stay firm in becoming like Christ. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • Do not let the winds of change and uncertainty stop us in our faith walk. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need our roots so deep in the faith that we stand strong in the winds of life. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need to be firmly rooted, established, and locked in the faith to stand strong in hard situations. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need a diligent and deliberate plan to remain rooted in the faith. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need a powerful prayer plan to stand strong in life change. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need a deliberate Bible study plan to plant our roots deep in the midst of life change. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • When we pick up God’s word, He speaks to us and to our life situation. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need a deliberate plan of dependence on God to remain firm during life change. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need to be in God’s word to remain completely dependent on Him. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16
  • We need a deliberate plan of multiplication to help others remain strong during life transition. @jonathanfalwell #BSFL16

Derwin Gray

  • To be a disciple means that you are a part of a story much larger than you. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • The greater story of discipleship informs and transforms how we live. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • We need to think of discipleship in the context of being God’s people, students of Jesus. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Making disciples of all nations means making disciples of all people across the sea and across the street. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Love God. Love Self. Love Neighbor. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • In the New Testament, multi-ethnic church was not just a model of doing church, it was the church. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • The essence of discipleship is about becoming mature in Christ. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • If you want to grow as a disciple you need to be involved in cross-cultural ministry. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • In others differences, we find ourselves, and others find themselves. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • A big part of discipleship is the art of listening to someone else’s story. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Understating someone else’s story allows you to walk in their shoes. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, do not criticize them. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Learn others story, hear what God has done in them. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Proximity evolves into intimacy. It is hard to hate people up close. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • It is easy to hate others from a distance. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • Jesus meets us at different stages of life to conform us to his image through the holy spirit to present us mature. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16
  • God’s goal in discipleship is not information, but transformation. @DerwinLGray #BSFL16

Thom Rainer

  • We need to disciple our children with intentionality. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Every night, we should read God’s word to our children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Every night, we should pray with our children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Even when our children are teenagers, we should continue to disciple our children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • We should intentionally teach our children spiritual disciplines and the basics of the faith. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Some of our best times involved our children asking us spontaneous questions about the Bible. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Church leaders, our children need to see us share our faith. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Church leaders, take your children with you when you visit people. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Church leaders, model servant leadership and acts of kindness to your children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • We should disciple our children in formal and informal contexts. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Even on vacation, as you walk the beach, talk about the greatness of God’s creation. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Share with and teach your children the beauty of God’s creation. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Be transparent and authentic with your children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Pastors, what your children see in the pulpit needs to be what they see during the week. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Even in our humor, we can show our children the joy of our faith. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Laughter and joy is an important part of cultivating discipleship in your family. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Joy should shape your home as a safe spiritual haven. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Through our joy we can show our children that God is a loving Father. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • Our children should see that we love our spouses. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • One of the greatest things that gives our children security is to see that we love our spouses. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • We will not do everything right, but God will use us to disciple our children. @thomrainer #BSFL16
  • The greatest opportunity we have is to disciple our children. @thomrainer #BSFL16

Trillia Newbell

  • Men and women are created in the image of God, created equal but different. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Because of sin, women are often objectified in sexuality. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Understanding the fall gives us a foundation for how it affects us. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Did you know that women ages 16-19 years old have the highest rate of sexual victimization? @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Sadly, sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • 1 out of every 6 women in the US have been raped or assaulted at some point in their lives. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Have you considered that your churches are full of people that have been assaulted sexually? @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Sexual victims need to be freed from their disgrace by the power of the gospel. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • When it comes to sexual assault, leaders must be prepared to care for victims through Caesar and the Church. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Our people are inundated with sexually explicit material. Are you prepared to minister to your people in this area? @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Sex was created by God and intended to be enjoyed in the context of marriage. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Because of sin, sex is distorted, twisted, abused and neglected. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • The Bible is clear. Christians are called to abstain from sexual immorality. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • God has called us to purity and holiness! @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Our sin not only affects ourselves, but it also affects others. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Whoever engages in sexual sin, sins against a holy and just God. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • We are called to exercise control over our minds and our bodies. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • We are called to think on things that are true, honorable, and pure. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • In our sex crazed society, we have to push against the culture and take captive of our own thoughts. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Do not buy the lie that you must be sexual to attract the opposite sex. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • We fight against sin because God is worth fighting for. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • We are created to bring God glory! @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • In our fight against sexual sin, we need to preach the gospel to ourselves and fix our eyes on Christ. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • As God’s children, we trust that saying no to sexual sin is the best that He has for us. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • We pursue righteousness and fight sin because of our love for Jesus Christ, and we are His beloved. @trillianewbell #BSFL16
  • Remember there are people around you that are suffering at the hands of others, and are struggling with their own sin. @trillianewbell #BSFL16

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