One of the things I try to use my blog for is pointing teachers and preachers to good gospel-centered resources. Resources that help one grasp and teach the Bible with a Christ-centered focus. It’s been said that ‘preaching and teaching- instruct the listener on how to read, study, and understand the Bible.’ Therefore it is important that we as teachers help our listeners grasp the gospel of Jesus Christ with all its implications. (2 Timothy 1:13-14)

Reformed Theological Seminary has posted a wonderful (and free) lecture series on iTunes University that helps one understand how to teach and preach with a Christ-centered focus. These lectures were recorded in a seminary classroom taught by Dr. Edmund P. Clowney and Dr. Timothy J. Keller. Here are the titles of the lectures;

1. Introduction to the Christ-Centered Model and an Introduction to the Christ-Centered Exposition.

2. Expounding Christ: Structure of Redemptive History (1)

3. Expounding Christ: Structure of Redemptive History (2)

4. Applying Christ: Introduction Into Christ-Centered Application

5. Applying Christ: Getting to Christ

6. Expounding Christ: Structure of Redemptive History (3)

7. Expounding Christ: Telling God’s Story, Narrative Analysis

8. Applying Christ: Getting Down to Earth (1)

9. Applying Christ: Getting Down to Earth (2)

10. Expounding Christ: The Parable of the Prodigal Son

11. Expounding Christ: Christ and the Law

12. Applying Christ: Getting Inside Their World (1)

13. Applying Christ: Getting Inside Their World (2)

14. Expounding Christ: Christ in the Psalms

15. Expounding Christ: Christ in Wisdom Literature

16. Adoring Christ: Spiritual Reality

17. Expounding Christ: Asking Questions, Discourse Analysis

18. Adoring Christ: Communion With God

The “unofficial” notes for this class can be found here.

I would recommend that every pastor and teacher listen to these lectures (in the car, while walking, while mowing the grass…). I don’t care if you have been teaching or preaching for 30 years, don’t ever think that you are beyond learning.

One of the biggest hindrances to the gospel is non-Christian preaching- moralism, legalism, self-help, and vague religious talk. This tragedy of non-Christian preaching and teaching happens in pulpits and classrooms all across American Christian churches and seminaries, and is often done in ignorance.

Here is a good resource for sharpening your gospel focus in teaching. Use it.

2 thoughts on “Edmund Clowney and Tim Keller on Gospel Centered Preaching and Teaching

  1. Hey Matt,
    I just was looking to find THAT! Thank you so much… the pastor of my church told me of these lectures and I’m glad that I’ve found them here. Great that you posted them.
    Unfortunately for some reason I cannot open the “unofficial notes” that you posted. Obviously this blog is about 4 years old and maybe the link has simply disappeared but just in case that you still have access to these unofficial notes I would be happy to get a hold on them as well.
    Thanks again! I’m excited to dig into the lectures!
    Best regards from Germany,

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