I recently finished teaching a class on Biblical Theology at Calvary Baptist Church where I serve as an associate pastor. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Biblical Theology is a redemptive-historical approach to teaching the Bible.

Below you will find a PDF file of the first draft of notes, with page numbers and an index. I hope you find these notes beneficial in your studies as you seek to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to the whole Bible.

An Introduction to Biblical Theology: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Biblical Theology – The Course Notes

  1. Thanks for this resource, Matt. I’ve printed it off to read through. Just glancing through it looks great. You really did your homework and pulled from great authors and theologians in this area. After taking my first hermeneutics class last fall at SBTS, I have had a huge desire to teach BT, showing others the grand narrative of Scripture. Thanks again for your work!

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