The Gospel in Life is an intensive 8 week course on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life – First in your heart, then in your community, and then out into the world.

I am excited about going through this material on Wednesday nights at our West Campus starting May 12th, we will be meeting in room 3207 from 6:30-8:00pm. I encourage you to participate in this study. Each week we will read scripture together, watch a 10 minute DVD teaching by Dr. Tim Keller, and have discussion. Here is the calendar with a list of the topics:

May 12 – City: The World That Is
May 19 – Heart: Three Ways To Live
May 26 – Idolatry: The Sin Beneath The Sin
June 2 – Community: The Context For Change
June 9 – Witness: An Alternative City
June 16 – Work: Cultivating The Garden
June 23 – Justice: A People For Others
June 30 – Eternity: The World That Is To Come

For more information on the material see I hope you will join us as we seek to further our understanding of how the gospel applies to all areas of life, personally and in the community.

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