While at the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando I had the privilege of attending some very beneficial meetings. First, the Baptist21 and 9Marks discussion panels. The videos of these panels have been made available. Thanks to Justin Taylor for pointing this out.

Baptist21 held its 2nd annual B21 Panel at the SBC. The panel took place in Orlando during Tuesday’s Lunch at the SBC. The members of the panel were Danny Akin, Matt Chandler, Ronnie Floyd, Johnny Hunt, Albert Mohler, David Platt, Jimmy Scroggins, and Ed Stetzer. The panel discussed issues pertaining to the gospel, the SBC and its future, the Great Commission Resurgence, and more.

On Tuesday night of the SBC Annual Meeting Danny Akin, Albert Mohler, David Platt, and Mark Dever met “to talk about the Great Commission Resurgence, church planting, theological education and the importance of the local churches participation in pastoral training.

I also had the privilege of attending a dinner discussion about PLNTD – a church planting network. Our conversation was lead by Tim Brister – with important input from Tom Ascol, Ed Stetzer, and Steve Childers. If you are looking to plant a church, or if you are an established church looking to be more involved in church planting I highly recommend looking into what PLNTD is doing.

Here is their vision statement:

PLNTD is a decentralized network focused on establishing and multiplying confessional church-planting churches. We seek to do this through providing rich resources, intentional relationships, and accessible church-based ministries, including assessment, training and coaching. It is our firm conviction that to fulfill the Great Commission inherently means that we must embrace the call to plant churches, and no one else is given that stewardship more than the local church.

I would keep up with the blogs – B21, 9Marks, and PLNTD. If you are on twitter you can follow each at – B21, 9Marks, and PLNTD.

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