This past Sunday Will Toburen read this wonderful quote from D. Martyn Lloyd Jones in his sermon while commenting on Matthew 5:6. I wanted to share it here:

“There are large numbers of people in the Christian Church who seem to spend the whole of their life seeking something which they can never find, seeking for some kind of happiness and blessedness.  They go around from meeting to meeting, and convention to convention, always hoping they are going to get this wonderful thing, this experience that is going to fill them with joy, and flood them with some ecstasy.  They see that other people have had it, but they themselves do not seem to get it…Now that is not surprising.  We are not meant to hunger and thirst after experiences; we are not meant to hunger and thirst after blessedness.  If we want to be truly happy and blessed we must hunger and thirst after righteousness.  We must not put blessedness or happiness or experience in the first place.”

From Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, page 64.

As believers in Christ let us be thankful that He is our righteousness, and we are credited His perfect righteousness when we repent of our sinfulness and trust in Him as our only hope. With His righteousness comes the blessedness and happiness that humanity longs for.

3 thoughts on “D. Martyn Lloyd Jones on “Seeking Happiness”

  1. That’s a little ambiguous. How do you go after righteousness? You could adopt a philosophy of legalism, separate yourself from the world, adopt a set of behaviors, meditate on God, pray more, and other things.

    In my opinion, for the non-believer, seeking after righteousness should mean making Christ your Lord and asking him to save you. For the Believer, it should mean resting in the righteousness that Christ obtained in your name. Any self purification or good deeds done should be motivated by love for God, and not out of a sense of debt or displaced fellowship.

  2. Daniel,

    Thank you for the comment. I agree with what you have written completely and thank you for calling me to clarify. It is never good to assume the gospel!

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