Worship leader and author Bob Kauflin shares some good thoughts on the prevalent, yet pervasive, idols Christians sometimes bow to – even as we gather for musical worship on Sunday mornings. Have you ever thought about the potential idols that fight for our adoration even in Christian worship settings? Remember that “idolatry is attributing ultimate value, authority, or supremacy to any object other than God.” Give some thought to this eight part series:

  1. Introduction: Idolatry on Sunday Mornings
  2. The Idols of Music, Tradition, and Creativity in Worship
  3. The Idol of Experience in Worship
  4. The Idols of Biblical Knowledge and Ignorance in Worship
  5. The Idol of Musical Excellence in Worship
  6. The Idol of Results in Worship
  7. The Idol of Reputation in Worship
  8. The Idol of Relevance in Worship

Bob serves as the Director of Worship Development for Sovereign Grace Ministries.

3 thoughts on “Idolatry in “Christian Worship”?

  1. Thanks for posting this… nice to get a refresher on these aricles.

    One quick correction — the link for #6 above is to article #7

  2. oops! – that was supposed to be “articles” (perhaps I was also thinking of “oracles”? as in some very good ‘prophetic’ words there 🙂

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