This past Sunday at The Fellowship we started a sermon series exploring our vision as a church: “We will do whatever it takes to make disciples of Jesus Christ who gather, grow, and go.” This sermon on gathering is by Philip Nation.

2 thoughts on ““Gather” by Philip Nation

  1. Matt,
    I saw your review of Medders’ book on TGC, but couldn’t find it here. And I couldn’t find a way to email you. So, hope you get this. Do you know if Medders means biblical ‘formation’ (Gal 4:19) or formation by external means a la aristotelian (hylo-morphism) practiced by the Roman Catholics and lately Protestants?
    Dan Porter

    1. Dan,

      If you are taking the ‘formation’ language from my review, think Galatians 4:19. Honestly, I cannot remember if Medders used that language in the book or not, I do not have it with me at the moment.

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